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Mohammed Tahseen Baalbaki & Partners Company was established in 1966 in Amman, Jordan by the father and founder Mohammed Tahseen Baalbaki, born in 1940 Damascus, Syria. 


Since its establishment, “Mohammed Tahseen Baalbaki & Partners Company” aimed to provide the best products and services in Jordan and the Middle East.With more than 40 years of experience, “Mohammed Tahseen Baalbaki & Partners Company”, is considered to be a pioneer Jordanian company and one of the biggest in Jordan & the Middle East.


We are specialized in supply, installation, operation and maintenance of machines and equipment for hotels, restaurants, industrial kitchens, and supermarkets. We also manufacture a great verity of the machines in addition to the cold storage room equipment in our own factories.


Our clients come first. Your time, business and money saving is our top priority. You can find all the equipment you need with the best quality and most suitable prices at our company. We are committed to serving you in different parts of the world starting from Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and the Arabian Gulf to North Africa.


When you decide to buy from our products, you will get a one year guarantee. Our clients in Jordan will get a one year free maintenance services. As for our clients in other countries we are ready to provide you with free spare parts for the first year, in case of any malfunction, and you will only need to pay for shipping and delivery charges.


 We pay great attention to after sales services. Our highly qualified team is committed to providing you with all you need wither you were still within the one year guarantee or not. 




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